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Read from database Search in groups, download templates
Write into database Upload templates, create groups and categories, grant other users access to your content /
Product components Spreadsheet plugin
Database "team" "engineer" "trial" "playground"
Spreadsheet functions

"engineer trial"
Predefined templates
engineering library

engineering library (partially)

Product components

Spreadsheet plugin

This plugin is required to insert templates into your spreadsheet. Insert is simply done via drag and drop directly from this website into your sheet. The plugin is loaded as a regular spreadsheet add-in and therefore quit simple to use.


In order to get things sorted we use different databases. What kind of database you use depends on the product you've purchased. For costumized spreadahead products you can have it on your own servers or wherever you want.

Engineering functions

Templates in our engineering library require special spreadsheet functions, for example to calculate material properties. You will get these functions bundled in form of a spreadsheet add-in.

Engineering library

All spreadahead engineering templates are stored in here. Our engineering library contains models from different engineering fields (in the first place from energy conversion) and is constantly growing.